Eventail de la nature de mots

Idée super ! Un éventail de la nature de mots pour aider les élèves

I will never forget the day of the mid-thirties, when I had an insight that freed me from 20 years of feeling inadequate, less than, broken. I discovered that there are two kinds of people on the planet: eagle people and mole people. Until that moment I was a mole trying to be an eagle.

When they were 15, my friends talked about what they wanted to do when they grew up. My brother, from the age of 4, loved airplanes and played with them and wanted to devote his life to them. And he did that too. He is an eagle who can see in the distance where he wants to go, what he wants to do. I had no idea what I wanted to do and I still don't! But then I could not admit that I had no idea without exposing how inadequate, broken I felt I was. I was a mole person who believed that I was a broken eagle, and that there were only eagles people.

At the university I had no idea where I wanted to play the lead. In short, I was a true & # 39; A & # 39; student and had the option to follow a main subject in & # 39; electives & # 39 ;. I was fascinated by people, so I took Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology. Halfway through the first semester of my junior year I felt that this was not "it". I had no idea what "it" was, but this was not it. The immediate "it" fell off with my friend and went to California to learn how to surf. But that is not the "it" that I should have wanted! Dropping out was irresponsible. What was wrong with me? (In retrospect, it internally felt like the first responsible choice I had ever made).

I have stopped. My friend saved himself. What to do? It occurred to me to go to Aspen and stay with Aunt Caroline for the beautiful winter if she wanted me. And so it was. Then it occurred to me to stay with my mother in Mexico. I found Maria Montessori: Her Life and Works on her bookshelf and immediately fell in love. I have registered for the Montessori training. I accepted the offer to teach bilingual Montessori to Chicano students in Austin, Texas. I felt I was one of the 80% graduates of the Montessori training program who would not remain a Montessori teacher, but I had to and wanted to be a Montessori teacher for three years to feel that I really knew and understood the Montessori philosophy and approach. I had no idea what else I wanted to do, but I knew it would not be a Montessori teacher in the long run.

A year and a half later, a bilingual Montessori teacher in Austin, I had parents' conferences and an agitated, troubled mother came in to talk to me - the teacher of her 24-year-old child. "I'm so upset! What should I do? I met the man of my dreams and he told me that I had to choose between my children and him !!! What should I do ????"

I noticed that I said, "Imagine it is 30 years in the future and you look back on this decision. Ask yourself which decision you can / want to live with." Her eyes glowed. Her face lights up. "That is a no brainer! What has just happened? What have you done? I have spoken with many people, including my predecessor and no one has been able to help".

At that moment I knew: "This is my work". I didn't have a name for it, but I knew it was.

From one came the other. Marjorie, my first wife and I are divorced. Kathy, my second wife and I met in Austin and moved to Seattle, where Kathy had dreamed of going for his radical feminism and social work. We promote parenthood, divorced, divorced. I worked in various, meaningful jobs - as a mental health coordinator at Head Start; as a mental health and drug abuse counselor at Consejo. Five years after I joined Consejo, it became clear that this was my path, my field, my work and that I need a license to practice legitimately, professionally - a master's degree. I registered with Antioch ...
All my life I had this underlying feeling of total inadequacy and terror; feeling broken because I had no goals, no plans, no ambition, no direction. I swam in an ocean of dark thoughts and state of mind, looking for islands of respite from constant uncertainty and misery. Weeks and months in a row was my first impulse to wake up in the morning: "I just want to die." From that dark cave of despair I pursued my deep desire for peace, security and happiness.

Looking, looking, looking ... Suddenly I saw a clear, organized, predictable path and choices that were well made from the moment I decided to stop studying until I finished my master's degree in Antioch. OMG! Life had invented the perfect path for me. It was exactly how it should be to get me here! It had worked perfectly by feeling a way in the dark, while I could never see what was coming. I went where I had to go. I came where I needed to be when I needed to be there.

At that time I discovered that feeling my way in the dark had worked all the time! I was not broken!

I'm a mole person! My brother is an eagle. Both ways work great. What does not work is a mole person who tries to be an eagle and is looked down because he is not an eagle. I'm a mole and proud!