Activity board (also known as busy board, sensory board, touch board, latch boar…

Activity board (also known as busy board, sensory board, touch board, latch board etc) is an excellent fine motor development educational toy in the best principles of Montessori. This activity board will make an excellent Christmas or birthday present for toddler and will see your child have fun while strengthening their hand and finger muscles and improving bilateral coordination. The board in pictures (plywood base with red/blue elements) is finished and ready to ship! As an educatio…

As new computer games come on the market, more complex remote controls come on the market. Our grandchildren seem better adapted to find out which buttons to press, while grandparents seem to show some confusion about cultural shocks. There is a sense of unrest among the older generation that a button with excitement of excitement appears to be associated with games of mass destruction. Several old guardian angels that take care of the education of children have fallen into disrepair and now appear to be far beyond their use. They sound warning bells that something has gone wrong.

The education of children was the specialty of the greatest scientist of 1907, Maria Montessori, as mentioned in the Century of Science of TIME Magazine. From her association with Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Teilhard de Chardin, a provisional blueprint emerged for the construction of an incredibly new concept of guardian angel. The golden gates of Montessori to the future, for all children of the world, was based on an electromagnetic force that interacted with the creative mechanisms within the child's metabolism.

In the 1980s, the Science-Art Research Center in Australia published evidence that sea shells sang a musical song of healthy evolutionary growth and development over 20 million years of space-time. This discovery was republished as one of the great discoveries of the 20th century by & # 39; the world's largest technology research institute, IEEE-SPIE Milestone series. Today we know that the same optical energy physical forces are sung by the human spheroid bone, which is in direct vibration contact with the seashell-like construction of the human snail shell. The methodology that led to this research discovery was suggested by China's most awarded physicist, Kun Huang, who derived it from the spiritual optics of classical Greek music of the spheres of life sciences.

Chapter 9 from Dr. Sentics: The Touch of Emotions. Manfred Clynes starts with a proposal. "How remarkable would it be if one embodied the spectrum of emotions and embodied in music originating from themselves - without the support of a composer's intercession, without being driven by the composer, and to do so when we want to , not when circumstances can call them forward. This has indeed become possible through the development of sentic cycles. "

Dr. Richard Merrick of Texas University designed a computer game model that would creatively reflect the ethos of the popular World of War game, with its millions of players and thousands of engineers. His book Interference contains details about the electromagnetic effect of creative thinking in response to the influence of the Music of the Spheres. It contains the elements of a visual game in which composing songs results in the creation of simulated living landscapes. Merrick writes. "As the most ironic outcome of the digital revolution to date, a mobile do-it-yourself music composition system is perhaps the black swan that brings the world back from the fringes, back to the Pythagorean archetype of the music of the spheres."

Plato & # 39; s spiritual engineering principles were based on infinite fractal logic. The discovery of Buckminster Fuller & # 39; s life energy was directly derived from Plato & # 39; s more in-depth engineering concepts and Fuller's theories are now the basis for a new Nobel Prize winner on rigorous chemistry in the life sciences. From Buckmister Fuller & # 39; s Book, Utopia or Oblivion, the concept of a new Social Cradle emerges that can be regarded as fundamental to nurturing the ennobling game concepts.

To build the Social Cradle, the general public must be freed from what was called the yoke of the Principle of Destruction centuries ago. The older generations of modern civilization, hampered by the dictatorship of thought imposed by that yoke, are unable to adequately express their very profound ethical wisdom to their grandchildren. Einstein was certainly a great genius, but his most important law of all science, which requires the total destruction of all life, does not apply to the functioning of life forces leading evolution to infinity. Unless people realize that the principle of destruction must be in balance with the harmonic principle of creation, the computer games played by our children will be disastrous. The old guardian angels obeyed the principle of destruction and we must say goodbye to them.

Robert Pope.